Garage Door MaterialsNeed a new garage door and can’t decide on what kind of garage door material to get? It can be hard to choose one when there’s a huge selection of colors, trims, windows, and materials available in the market. The material is one of the more important factors you have to think about when selecting a garage door. Each material has their advantages and disadvantages. Here we compare the different materials available and advise on what would be worth the price.


Wood has the most classy and authentic look as a garage door. They give your home an elegant appearance and finish. But the main disadvantage of wood is that you have to maintain it very frequently. It takes a lot of work and refinishing if you want to keep the garage door polished. If you’re looking for a classic feel for your home, we would recommend going with wood.


Aluminum is a very common material. It is a very affordable material and looks good. You can give it different finishes that will improve its appearance. The problem is that it can dent way easier than other materials. If you need just need an inexpensive standard garage door, aluminum is the way to go.


Steel is also a very popular material as well. It is more durable and more attractive than aluminum all while still being inexpensive. Steel doors are very strong and are not easily damaged. They do not need as much maintenance. Steel is still prone to dents but not as bad as aluminum. Steel is good for people who want a more premium but still affordable material.


Fiberglass is a new modern material. This material is still working its way into the market but it is low maintenance and lasts long. It is less prone to dents than steel. Fiberglass is light and very resistant to the effects of salt-water. This material is ideal for garages near coastlines.